Insomnia in the City

Radio perspective – Insomnia in the City





Oh this is not working! Whoever said that counting sheep would help you go to sleep was probably out there herding cattle and literally counted so many sheep that they would fall dead asleep soon after getting home for the day. I bet that they didn’t have homework to work on or worry about having enough time to get a work out in because the food they ate was fresh and healthier than the food we eat today. It is now 3:22 and I need to be up by 7:00 if I want to have enough time to go for a job before my meeting at 10. If I fall asleep right now, 3:23, I will get 3 hours and 37 minutes of sleep. What good is a run if I can’t even get my full 8 hours? If I take a 15-minute shower, and the bus gets there on time, maybe I can get up at 7:30, to get a full four hours. Four hours doesn’t sound so bad, But if I skip the run I can get an extra hour. Maybe I can run tomorrow evening instead. If I can rush home after class and leave my clothes ready, I can be on my way before it gets dark! That sounds like a plan. Okay, I need to fall asleep it is 3:29 now…

This is a perspective from Ana Tapia


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